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No Obligation 21 Point Inspection

Ground Phase

We will explore your windows, gutters, downspouts, fence staining, garage door, AC Unit, patio furniture, and any other backyard structures for wind/hail damage.

Ladder Phase

We will explore the grade of shingle you currently have along with your underlayment and drip edge

Roof Phase

We will explore the field of shingles and ridge caps on the roof for wind/hail damage along with all other roofing components including your chimney cap.

Deductible financing options

If there is enough damage to warrant a claim to be filed, we have partnered with financial companies to offer you options that will allow your budget to be flexible.

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Full Roof Replacement and Roof Repairs

We work on all types of roofing systems

1. Asphalt composition shingles

2. Metal

3. Tile

4. Wood shake

5. Lamarite

6. Synthetic slate

7. Standing seam

8. Stone coated steel

9. Flat roofs

10. Commercial Applications

11. Various Others

Roof Winterization

We will look for any gaps/holes where critters may enter during the cold months and will ensure that all penetrations on the roof are sealed up to prevent any leaks.

Inspection Reports

If you are selling your house and need a roof inspection report prior to selling, we will inspect your roof and provide you with a comprehensive report explaining any and all damages.

Other Services

  1. Full Gutter downspout replacement

  2. Fence staining

  3. Interior/exterior painting and drywall

  4. Windows and screens

  5. HVAC repairs

  6. Garage door replacement

  7. Chimney work

  8. Custom patios/pergolas

  9. Custom gutters and copper awnings

  10. Chimney Caps

  11. Roof Finials

  12. Other various construction-related services.

  13. Critter Control and Prevention

  14. New: Solar Panel Vent Installations

Our process for roof replacements.

1. No obligation inspection of the roof and everything around the house.

2. File an insurance claim if there is sufficient damage

3. Meet with the insurance adjuster after the claim is filed where our trained inspectors will be present to ensure that all damages are acknowledged. 

4. Review insurance estimate. This is critical to ensure all city/code items and any other damaged items are acknowledged by the insurance. company.

5. Material Selection, any other upgrades added, and contract.

6. Install roof, and present warranty

Just another way we care for our customers! 

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