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What's Wrong with a roofer waiving my deductible?

A Consumer Awareness message from NTRCA

#1 It's Against the Law.

In September 2019, Texas passed a law requiring homeowners to pay the full insurance deductible they agreed to when purchasing their policy. This law also makes it illegal for a contractor to pay, waive, absorb, rebate, credit or otherwise decline to charge or collect a deductible.

#2 They have to cut corners to afford it.

There is no way for a reputable contractor to actually "waive" your full deductible. They must make up their loss somewhere, and that usually comes at your expense with sub-standard materials and workmanship!

#3 They are involving you in insurance fraud.

Contractors who are "waiving" your deductible sometimes try to make up for an uncollected deductible by submitting a claim for phantom damage and/or an inflated invoice to the insurance company. You may be charged with a misdemeanor or felony, depending on the amount of the claim, for unknowingly participating in the contractor's illegal scheme.

#4 If they're willing to break the law what else will they do?

If a contractor is willing to defraud your insurance company, they are certainly willing to defraud you with the work they do- or don't do! - on your roof. If their work is not up to code, it could void your roof's warranty and cause serious headaches down the line.

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